Friday, September 18, 2009

What are "Ugg Boots" Really?

Well, the biggest misconception is that they are NOT just a particular brand name. Ugg, ug or ugh is actually a generic term that has been used in Australia since the 1970's to describe these warm, cozy, sheepskin, wool-lined boots.

Whooga Boots offers high quality, durable ugg boots for around 30% less than you would be paying for a comparable product at most department stores. Here is a quote from one of Whooga Boots' devotees:

"And, in my humble opinion, the most popular brand, or most expensive brand is not always the best. Do your homework! High quality, great look, highest grade merino sheepskin: Soft, comfy, durable.... It's a Whooga Ugg. "

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  1. I am unable to access the link you provided to enter for a chance to win the boot. I am not sure if it is the link or something wrong with my computer. Thanks, Wendy

  2. Hey Wendy, thank you so much for bringing that to our attention! Problem solved. :)