Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Layers Beauty Tip of the Week

Ever finish blow-drying your hair & then spend wayyyyy too long trying to style it only to give up and come to the conclusion that it is doing that "too clean" thing and being completely uncooperative? Well, you can end that little feud with your hair and stop letting it have a mind of its own!

I was recently introduced to an amazing product by OSIS called Dust It. I have never seen anything like this; it's a super-fine powder that comes in a little canister with tiny holes on top like a salt shaker. Just shake a little into your palm, rub hands together & run through your hair to get that light texture & separation that you love about second-day hair. Dust It can also create volume at the crown of the head by dusting a small amount directly to the root area & fluffing with your fingers.


  1. This is just what I need! Oh man this may have saved my life! hahaha thanks for the TIP!!

  2. sweet! sounds good. Do you know if it makes your hair oily or greasy? I find that a lot of my products to that. yuck...

  3. Really? You like it? I have a bottle of this and after trying it a couple times, it's still sitting pretty much full in my drawer.

    I find it makes my hair feel weird - not sticky, exactly, but kind of... rubbery. And it takes away all the shine. I think it might work best for short hair, though - I have longer hair. Maybe I'll give it another shot...

  4. Yes, I love it, AND I have long hair! One word of advice that my hair guy made sure to emphasize when I got it, though, was that a little goes a long way.