Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Showdown: Kiptyn vs. Ed

Now that my favorite is out of the running, I would definitely have to go with Ed as the better choice for Jillian. Don't get me wrong, I think Kiptyn's great and smart and handsome and everything too, but his connection with Jillian seems kind of.......generic. Like the kind that develops just from exposure to someone nice and attractive, but doesn't have any depth. With Ed and Jillian, I think there are more roots. It seems that Ed's connection with Jillian is much more specific to who she is, not just one he'd have to anyone. AND, he has said he is prepared to propose to Jillian! Huge deal. Basically, I think Ed is perfect for her........except for the whole fantasy date not going as planned......

Who's it gonna be??? Either way, I guess this means now Reid is available! ;)


  1. Poor honey bear, REID!! I was so in love with Reid and Jillian together. Pretty sure Kiptyn is going to be the next BACHELOR! Now THAT is going to be a good season! Ed and Jill is my vote