Thursday, July 23, 2009

Instant Style Fix - Aviator Sunglasses.

A foolproof way to add instant and effortless chic to ANY outfit, aviators are a favorite of A-listers such as Jessica Biel, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie and wayyyyyy too many more to count. Not only do they look great on all face shapes, they are unbelievably versatile and compliment any look from urban & edgy to boho & feminine.

One of the most popular among celebs are the Ray Ban aviators, which range in price from around $130 - $230. Don't know about you, but I NEED a pair!!


  1. oh my heck this is soooo true! hahahah. I always wear my Avs, every single day! Especially when I dont feel like i look too cute, adds just enough coverage to MAKE me feel cute. Obviously, mine are not "real" Aviators, but heck, they are still cute! Avs are the way to go!

  2. I LOVE Aviators. Tjhey really do make any outfit so much better. My pair broke a while ago and I am STILL searching for another pair.. Just can't seem to find one that I love yet!!

  3. I agree, Rach! Before my trip I was on a serious hunt for some favorite Von Zippers (who have some real cute styles) were no where to be found. My true love in the aviator family that I had hunted down was some Pradas. Ah...I wish I hadn't found them because I'm still lusting over them! I couldn't justify the hundreds of dollars, so I settled for some Meronas from Target for $15.00...they're second place, but can't beat the price!!