Friday, April 3, 2009

Sneak Peek

Here's a little sneak a peek at what's coming in next week. Check out our Facebook page to preview the rest of our spring collection.
Bianca: Coral

Whitney: Periwinkle

I'm so in love with these two styles! I can't wait to show you summer styles, but you will just have to hold your horsies a few more weeks..


  1. nice, but want to know why Layers hasn't made any swim skirts to match the swimsuits? I think I would order more. Like most people at a pool or water park, they like to hide their bottom ends!

  2. Great suggestion, I'll pass it on to the designer! I love to mismatch my suit to my cover up at the pool and suggest Target as an affordable option for cute cover ups in a wide range of colors.

  3. Love the blog idea. Love the new shirts pictured here too, cute, cute.

  4. I absolutely love layers, especially for their swimsuits. They are so modest and cute! it's like double layered chocolate cake, you get more of something sweet.

    I think layers should also keep designing dresses. Maybe even fancier ones too. because if there is one thing that I find hard to find is a dress, that hits the knee or a little above and doesn't have a low top, but is still cute.

    I love that layers has a blog now. or I just noticed it now.

  5. Thanks for the love, V! You'll be happy to know we've been designing a few fun dresses for summer...

  6. OOOH la la! I am super excited about this bianca blouse!! I sure hope it comes in a bunch of other colors too!? Especially black, white, and tan.

    Layers, I love you!! :D

    By the way... it would be super awesome if you guys could bring back some of the old styles. For those of us who were a little too late last year :(

  7. I just got the Dahlia shirt and LOVE IT!!! I wore it to church yesterday with a white skirt and it looked so cute! The fabric is so soft, it looks cute with jeans too!

    There are so many more shirts that I would love to get as well, but my budget is lacking..

  8. So glad you love that Dahlia shirt and rocked it at church. It's a hot seller for sure.