Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Classic Tee = Under Tee

During my 15 minute commute to work this morning I was tuned in to my usual Tuesday morning radio show on 101.9. Fashion Expert, Alicia Richmond, who frequents the show was today's guest. I'm pretty sure the topic was supposed to be about who can wear this season's shoe trend the gladiator sandal and somehow flipped onto the dreaded: Classic Cap Sleeve Tee worn ALONE...duh duh duh! This has got to be one of the biggest fashion "no no's" of ALL time! Listen to me, Alicia Richmond, and Michelle (designer for LAYERS): "This tee was NOT designed to be worn alone."

When do you wear the Classic Tee?

If you are the designer for LAYERS, EVERYDAY! No joke, LAYERS Designer, Michelle Boley wears a Tan Classic EVERYDAY! I've known her for 3 years and if she was put on trial for not wearing a classic tee, I would testify on her behalf that she wears a tan classic EVERY day, as an undershirt of course.

What did Michelle design the Classic Tee for?

To hide the mommy pooch, cover the "girls" up, mask the muffin top, block the bend over bootycrack, and most important: allowing comfort & versatility to be added to today's trends and your wardrobe.

There are few and far between who can work the Classic Tee all alone and even then, no one wants to see your bra lines except maybe your sig. other.

I'm begging you, don't fall victim to the Classic Tee cliche.


  1. So are you telling us not to wear it alone or that its nice to wear it alone?

  2. I'm begging women to NOT wear it alone as it is designed as an undershirt. However, with fashion these days: anything goes:)

  3. I absolutely agree. I wear mine everyday as an undershirt and would not be caught dead sporting it out alone. Somehow though... the rest of the world doesn't get it!

  4. LOL! I use to sell Layers and I always had to tell this to people. They would get so frustrated telling me it was too see through to where alone. I would then remind them the company is called Layers hence most of the items are made to be layered!